Recreating Eden

This work spanned across an entire year, starting on the 13th June 2014 and ending on the 12th June 2015. Using garden as the focal point, I looked into my own relationship with the various ideas associated with it. On the material level, garden is earth and soil. On a geographical and political level, it is an actual piece of land, located somewhere. Garden is also associated with home, belonging and family. In this work, Eden refers to all these three kinds of garden. For one year, I tried to work on the garden everyday, performing acts of tending and caring for the land.  The goal is to observe how the constant labouring would create a shift in my relationship to the land, and in my sense of home and identity.

Everyday I made an entry into a Facebook diary, documenting my activities in the garden and the internal conversations and reflections that I had about home, land and people close to me. This also allowed people the possibility of “visiting” and “seeing” my Eden, without the need to be physically present.