The Intervention of Loneliness

“A city is a large community where people are lonesome together.” – Herbert Prochnow

Even though we are living in a highly interconnected and globalized world, many of us are lonely. Social media, technology, economic system, consumer culture, neoliberal work ethics and urban way of living are contributing to the rise in loneliness and benefiting from it at the same time. Together they form a system that exposes us to loneliness on a daily basis and on a global scale. 

The Intervention of Lonelinessis a response to the systemic loneliness and human disconnection that I experience and see around me. In this work, I explore the potential of vulnerability and intimacy as tools of empowerment. Slow dancing becomes an act of resistance as bodies reach out, make contact and hold each other.

Taken from an earlier public intervention, “Dance with Me”, where I travelled to different cities asking strangers on the streets to slow dance with him, I develop it into a collaborative performance that invites the audience to confront systemic loneliness together. How can we own loneliness, rather than letting it own us? How can we transform it from a place of separation and isolation into a cause for collective action? A spontaneous choreography emerges, as the audience negotiate for a common cause.


Co-production: Scenario Pubblico (Catania, Italy), English Theatre Berlin (Berlin, Germany) and The Esplanade (Singapore).
Premiere: 6th December 2019 at Uferstudios (Berlin, Germany).

Artistic Team
Concept & choreography    : Ming Poon
Light design                       : Martin Pilz