Queer Dàn

We proudly present to you the first ever Queer Dàn Fantasy. Eight queer persons of Chinese descent come together to experiment with a new queer performance form called Queer Dàn, which is a reference to Nan Dan (男旦), the male-female cross-dressing performance in Chinese opera. But instead of reproducing the traditional Nán Dàn, which adheres strongly to heteronormative and patriarchal gender norms, Queer Dàn seeks to bring out the rich and diverse, but unacknowledged, narratives and representations of contemporary queers of Chinese descent. 

Queer Dàn Fantasy is an attempt to activate an awakening in Chinese queerness, as well as expand the notion of queerness to include non-western queer experiences, expressions and histories. It is also an attempt to decolonize white queerness, which has dominated the public imagination for so long. Come join us in Queer Dàn Fantasy and let us bedazzle you, as we trash patriarchy and white supremacy away.

Queer Dàn Fantasy is the outcome of the project Queer Dàn. This event is organised by and for BIPoC’s and queer people. However if you do not belong to any of these marginalised groups, your allyship is more than welcome.

* The term “Chinese opera” is a European misnomer for this performance format. The proper name should be Xì Qü / 戏曲 (pronounce: See Chee).


Co-production  : Vierte Welt & MIFRUSH Production (Berlin, Germany)
Funded             : Prozessförderung program of Fonds Darstellende Künste
Premiere.         : 25th June 2023

Artistic team
Concept & direction          :     Ming Poon
Performers                        :     
Lee Mun Wai, Po-fu Wu, Sichi Li, Jianyu Wang, Andrea Tian Lei, Joan Ling-Li, Ting-Chia Wu & Liam Li
Music                                 :     Sum-Sum Shen
Costume design                 :     Tin Wang
Light design                       :     Rodrigo Campos
DJ                                       :     Yinan
Make-up consultant.          :     Adrian Blount