“in.ViSiBLE” was the result of a 2-year research. With this work, I wanted to raise questions about the agency, the responsibility and the complicity that the society plays in contributing to the ‘invisibility’ of these people. 12 persons living with HIV were interviewed for this project, generating about 60 hours of interview material, which was transcribed over 4 months. 122 texts were selected to be used in the performance. 

Due to the discrimination and stigmatization, people living with HIV in Singapore remain very hidden from the public, making them collectively ‘invisible’. The challenge of this project was to create a performance where they can come forward to tell their stories live, and yet at the same time, keep their identities anonymous. With the collaboration of the audience, their stories were slowly revealed: how they deal with the disease, their body, love, sex, betrayal, death, fear and discrimination.

Video trailer

Support: Associate Artists Research ‘Programme at The Substation (Singapore) and Actions for AIDS (Singapore)
Premiere: 5th April 2013 at The Substation (Singapore)

Artistic team
Concept and performance : Ming Poon
Light sequencer program   : Mauritius Seeger
Artistic advice                        : Alvin Tan, Chong Li-Chuan, Daniel Kok and Joavien Ng

Dedicated to Eric Cabris.