I am standing on the cusp of change, transiting from something familiiar to something unknown.

Throughout the whole performance, I perform with my back to the audience, without a face, identity or expression. In turning my back to the audience, I am refusing to perform for an audience and to conform to the standard performance setup and expectations. It is a call to return to the basics of why I move and perform, and to accept my body with its failures, desires and the impossibility of realizing them. This work serves as a personal reminder to myself, for a need to regain a more fundamental, barer and rawer relationship to my body. This is the beginning of a new journey for me as an artist.

Video trailer

Premiere: 10th July 2010 at Zwischenraum Berlin

Artistic team
Choreography and performance : Ming Poon
Interactive mapping                    : PMD Arts
Light & video                              : Steffen Baermann