one man dancing

“If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!” – Emma Goldman 

Putting on my headphones, I go out into the streets. But instead of walking, I decide to dance today. I have no destination. My aim is to just keep on dancing. In a world where my body and the way I move are constantly being controlled, shaped, shamed, tamed and changed, dancing is my act of resistance. I am on a mission to reclaim them. I will not be stopped.

Singapore is a country where our body and movements in public spaces are constantly being monitored, regulated and censored. This intervention is my attempt to reclaim my body and movements in public spaces through dance. Dancing becomes an art of resistance against the control and censorship. 

This work was performed in February 2018, in dedication to the artist, Seelan Palay, and the human rights advocate, Jolovan Wham, who have been charged by the state for holding peaceful assembly.