If I’m HIV+, will you dance with me?

Together with a group of volunteers, we stood in front of the Rotes Rathaus (Berlin’s city hall), holding a sign that says: “If I am HIV+, will you dance with me?”. We invited passers-by to slow dance with us, for the duration of a song. Through this project, I hope to challenge people’s fears and prejudices about People living with HIV (PLHIV), and to raise awareness of the isolation and stigmatisation that PLHIV face.

Video documentation

This intervention was done in association with Berlin Aids-Hilfe, on the 18th and 19th September 2015, as a part of the HIV Congress 2015 ‘HIV im Dialog’. 

Special thanks to Rebecca Maschke, Stephane Eric Marin Justicia, Elena Dragonetti, Marlies Fricke, Brian Tsen, Arno Kleinofen, Birte Opitz, Thomas Oh and Sabrine Marwa.