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Asian Performing
Artists Lab


The 3rd Edition of Asian Performing Artists Lab will take place on the 27th September till 3rd October, ending with a presentation (AmnAsia.3) at Berliner Ringtheater. 

Asian Performing Artists Lab (APAL) is an independent and self-organised platform that offers Berlin/Germany-based artists with asian background the opportunity for creative exchanges, experiments and collaborations. Each artist or group applies with a project which can be in the form of an idea, a draft or a work-in-progress. Other than working intensively on their own projects in the short period of time, the artists will also support each other’s projects. At the end of it, they present their works-in-progress at Berliner Ringtheater.  

The objectives of APAL are:

    • To promote the visibility of artists with asian background, who work in different fields of the performing arts.
    • To offer artists the possibility to put their ideas into practice, re-work their drafts or work on specific areas of their project. The focus is on practice and research.
    • To create a space for artists with asian background to work on themes that concern them, and give them the autonomy to determine their own aesthetics and voices.
    • To build solidarity through collaboration and sharing of resources and knowledge.
    • To stimulate ideas for future projects and artistic collaborations.

    Participating artists of APAL.3

    • Haesoo Jung (South Korea)
    • Po-Fu Wu (Taiwan)
    • Sisu Satrawaha (Thailand)
    • Susheela Mahendran (Germany)
    • Thu Hoài Trần (Germany)

    Co-production: Berliner Ringtheater and The Farm
    Organisation & coordination : Ming Poon
    Curation: Frederika Tsai & Ming Poon
    Communication & coordination: Li Jingyun

    Video documentations of past editions