Project June 4th

24-hour online dance commemoration of Tiananmen
Start: 4th June 2022 (12hrs, CET)
End: 5th June 2022 (12hrs, CET)
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 858 8684 4987
Passcode: 178465

Live-stream on Youtube (Part 3):

Please read through the etiquette below, before joining the commemoration.
This is a politically sensitive event, so help make it safe for everyone by keeping your identity, as well as others’, anonymous. For safety reasons, we kindly ask you to do the following to avoid identification by the Chinese authority:

  • If you decide to turn on your camera during the commemoration, put on your mask before doing so. Also make sure that your background does not reveal any personal information, such as photographs of you or your family members, names, addresses, etc. Ideally sit with a blank wall as your background.
  • Your microphone will be turned off throughout the whole commemoration by default, to avoid voice detection.
  • Before entering the main room where the commemoration takes place, replace your display name with an alias. Your alias should be written in the following manner: Tank ___ (e.g., Tank Person, Tank ABC, Tank 123, etc,). Do not use any personal information in it (such as birthdate, location, names of family members/friends/colleagues , etc)
  • If you wish to show your support for the commemoration, write a message of support in the chat. All messages are visible to everyone.
  • Anyone using inappropriate language and displaying disruptive behavior during the commemoration will be removed. 
  • Read the privacy policy of Zoom.