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OPEN CALL for performers based in Berlin

I am looking for 7 performers for an upcoming project called “Stardust”. It is an 8-day installation-performance that looks at dying as an act of empowerment, self-transformation and radical care.

The title comes from the quote: “We are made of stardust.” By inviting us to envision our own dying, the project aims to give us a glimpse of how closely interconnected we are to each other as humans, as well as to all non-humans and the natural world. Through dying, our body sheds its selfhood and returns to its most basic form – stardust – which it shares with all other beings and matters in the universe. “Stardust” hopes to open up a space for us to enter into a deeper relationship with dying and to reflect on its impact on our social well-being and political actions. Perhaps by dying, we allow the old power structures inscribed in our bodies to die with us, creating space for a new future that is more socially just, caring and naturopogenic. 

Practical details

  • Each performer will work closely with me (as artistic direction) to create 1 solo performance and 1 group performance based on the idea of death rituals.
  • Each performance lasts approximately 30 mins.
  • The performances offer accessibility formats, such as Relaxed Performance and audio-description.
  • Rehearsal period: 16th Sept.-19th Oct. 2024 / Each performer has 2 rehearsal weeks within the rehearsal period.
  • Performance period: 20th-27th Oct. 2024 / Performers will perform one time in their solo performance and one time in the group performance.
  • Performance venue: Uferstudios (Studio 1) / Badstr. 41a, 13357 Berlin
  • Honorarium: 2140 EUR  (Brutto) / 2 weeks’ rehearsal + 2 performances


  • You are a dancer or a performer who works with the body and movement;
  • You have an existing practice that involves dying, or a strong interest in developing one;
  • You are experienced in performing solo-works, as well as group works;
  • You have experience in self-directed creation and improvisation;
  • You are based in Berlin;
  • You must be physically present at all rehearsal, performance and workshop dates.
  • Performers with migration background, with disabilities, queer/LGBTQIA+ and age of 60 and above are especially welcome.


  • Round 1 (Individual interviews)   : 7th & 8th May 2024 (60 mins)
  • Round 2 (Group call-back)           : 14th May 2024 (10-17 hrs)

Requited materials:

  • Describe your interest and practice (max. 2000 characters)
  • Describe your expectations (max. 1000 characters)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 1-2 Video links

Application can only be submitted via the online application form below.
Deadline: 30th April 2024 @ 23.59 hrs (CET)
Selected applicants will be notified by 4th May 2024


An online info-session will take place on 13th April @ 13-14 hrs (CET).
No pre-registration required. Just click to participate: here. (Link will only be activated 15 mins before the session starts.)

If you have any questions, please write to

Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Co-production: MIFRUSH Production