Exotic Animal

New work
Premiere: 3rd – 5th  December 2020 at English Theatre Berlin / International Performing Arts Center (Germany)

“For the master’s tool will never dismantle the master’s house.” – Andre Lourde

Exotic is warm and spicy. It is one letter away from erotic. It promises adventure. Exotic is somewhere far away and foreign. It is always over there, not here; them, not us; you, never me. Exotic is dark and mysterious, but its threat is tamed and contained. Exotic is a strange and foreign animal, but also a very appealing one.   

This performance is an attempt to resist the colonisation of my body. For me, the exotic gaze is a form of soft colonization.  Drawing on my own experience as dancer of Asian origin, I look at how eurocentrism, colonialism, globalisation and cultural consumerism contribute to the exoticisation of my body. Approaching the body as a site on which meanings, values and boundaries are inscribed, I interrogates the exotic gaze that displaces and appropriates my body. Exotic Animal both invites and challenges the exotic gaze. Staring defiantly back, it attempts to shift the power relation between the gazer and itself.

Co-production: English Theatre Berlin / International Performing Arts Center (Berlin, Germany)

Funded: IMPACT-Förderung (Berlin, Germany)
Supported: Fonds Darstellende Künste (Berlin, Germany)